Posted on 24 Oct 2018


The Sound of Wetland : A Special Exhibition on Soundscape


Since the launch of Guandu International Nature Art Festival in 2016, Guandu Nature Park has been dedicating to combine environmental education with art events. We co-organize with Soundscape Association of Taiwan a series of experiential activities that incorporate environmental perception, sensory development, and art creation. This special exhibition will showcase the results of the soundscape experiential activities held over the past three years. This exhibition will present three aspects of the program, namely, the aesthetic of wetland soundscape, ecology, and citizen science. Besides, the visitors to the special exhibition will experience and discover the beauty and sorrowfulness of the Guandu Wetland through listening to the audio tracks captured in the conservation zone over the past three years.









Established in 2015, Soundscape Association of Taiwan explores different dimensions of soundscape by collaborating with professionals and participants interested in ecoacoustics, sound field measurement, sound therapy, music, research in literature and history, and community engagement. This association serves as the platform to promote soundscape study to the citizens.