Posted on 22 Sep 2016




The 2016 artists are very energetic! They figured out how to use YouBike yesterday and started to bike between Tamsui and Guandu to enjoy the view along the Tamsui River. This morning we had our guest speaker, Prof. Kuang-Yang Lue, who is an expert on amphibians and reptiles as well as an experienced volunteer of Guandu Nature Park, to give us a lesson on ecology in the Park. The artists followed Prof. Lue to observe plants and animals, and they developed questions about the alien species, the local fishing culture, leaves and seeds for use, and so on. In short, for the present stage, they are open for any ideas for their artwork, in terms of design concepts, locations, and materials.

After lunch we took a walk to Guandu Temple and the old street area. Pai, the Taiwanese artist of this year, introduced the manners and rituals of the Temple to the other artists. He also plans to put the idea of religious rituals into his artwork. At around 4 o’clock, Lisa from the Habitat Management Department gave us a brief introduction on the research projects they’ve been doing, including bird and benthic surveys on their amounts, types, and locations, so as to find the proper ways of management to keep the habitats healthy. Her talk was a quick response to the artists' curiosity on how the Tamsui River has been polluted. Today the artists have done a great job being good “students” by thinking deeply and raising interesting questions. We’ll see what further stories they’re going to find during the following days.