Posted on 23 Sep 2016




The highlights today is presented by our staff from the Dept. of Habitat Management—A-Hsin has been working in Guandu Nature Park for 13 years and accumulated much experience in environmental maintenance and habitat creation. His duties, such as cutting grass, distinguishing plants suitable for birds’ nesting, and taking care of buffalos, seems miscellaneous and trivial. However, it takes keen observation as well as deep knowledge about nature to do these tasks. A-Hsin took the artists and our staff to bike around Guandu Plain, to see the waterways and irrigation system of the rice paddies. We came across some little factories along the way, and around the fringe of the rice fields we also found many tall residential buildings, leading to the pollution of rivers by industrial and domestic wastes. The landscape in Guandu is very special due to such big rice fields—a scene that is hardly seen in cities. The artists were curious about how Guandu is different from the other parts of Taipei, so they were eager to explore more about Taipei in the following days.

These past few days the artists have been bombarded with much information since Guandu is a totally a new place for them. Even though it is hard to always communicate precisely through translation, many things can still be felt with hearts. A-Hsin’s love for nature overflows spontaneously in his actions. Gustavo, this year’s artist from Argentina, even said: “I wish there are more people like A-Hsin.” When one is fully devoted to something, he/she turns glorious for sure.