Posted on 24 Sep 2016





What did the 2016 artists experience on their first weekend in Guandu?

Last Saturday the artists met our volunteers of this year. They are from different backgrounds and have various talents: one is an editor; one is a theater worker and director; one has participated in many art projects held in different countries, and so on. It will be a great chance to learn from each other if they can share their ideas and experiences during the coming art festival.

In the afternoon, the artists and volunteers joined the environmental maintenance work led by the Dept. of Habitat Management. They went into the water after putting on the “frog suit,” and helped cutting the grass on artificial floating island, so as to make a habitat favored by birds. Cutting grass looks easy, yet it takes much time with just four staffs since the Park is big. They need some volunteers to help from time to time because the grass grows very quickly. It takes much sensitivity to the changes of seasons as well as body stamina and patience to take good care of a habitat.

The reason why we invite the artists and volunteers of this art festival to join the regular maintenance work is: on the one hand, we find it important to feel nature with bodily sensations; on the other hand, it is great to know the hidden messages in such a natural setting because it helps to understand the relations among different species. Everyone got so excited as they touched the water. It was as if they returned to childhood by just immersing themselves in nature completely. This a absolutely the power of nature.