Posted on 01 Oct 2016




Bird watching paradise, the biggest and last rice paddies in Taipei, endless stream of pilgrims—these are most people’s impressions of Guandu. On top of that, Guandu is also a place with art in the air. The last day of the field trip was filled with the atmosphere of art by visiting some art sites around Guandu Nature Park. We visited Taipei National University of the Arts, which has held KuanDu Arts Festival since 1993 and organized events including theater, dance, animation, filming, and so on. “Fun Guandu Festival,” an event of local parade starting from last year, is a new trial for the university to work together with the local community. During the process it has established a lot of connections. Due to many art activities in October, the artists of 2016 Guandu International Nature Art Festival got chance to join the events, and at the same time observe the art power around Guandu and Taipei area. It is great to see many art events blooming in Taiwan. However, it is also a time for us to think about the ways to make people interested in art in their everyday life.

In the afternoon we came to MounTravel, whose operator is also a volunteer of the 2016 Guandu art project as well as a local from Guandu area. He renovated an old house owned by his grandmother and tried to make it into a creative space by inviting more drama and cultural exchange in the little space. His experience has brought us some perspectives from running an art business in a local community. During the process of organizing the 2016 Guandu art project, we have found many people who are truly in love with the land. We believe that art, place, and life can never be separated. This art project doesn’t mean to take people away from their “ordinary” life, but to provide a way for us to really look at our own life, and learn to make each day count.