Posted on 27 Feb 2021




The Festival organizer invited artists to participate in the field study, an ongoing project conducted by the Guandu Nature Park for many years. The study has accumulated a great deal of information and findings from guided eco tours in the park and learning by walking on farm trips.  The process has involved many people from a host of diverse backgrounds to comprehend and interpret the results, such as ecology researchers, volunteers and local residents.  The participants who met each other in the Park have developed friendship and mutual trust, and further have collaborated to work on this project. 

Through such mechanism, resident artists’ participation does not look like a  deliberately arranged program.  Being immersed in the ambience of the day to day operations of the Guandu Nature Park, the artists can really make the most of their artistic acuity, intuition, freedom, curiosity and reflections to express and interpret the interaction between humans and natural environment from different perceptions and vintage points.