Posted on 28 Apr 2018

Call for Artists 2018

Guandu Nature Park is inviting entries to 2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival “Live Happily Ever After?” The selected artists will create their artworks in a natural setting using only natural or eco-friendly materials during a 5-week residency in Guandu Nature Park in Taipei, Taiwan. Artists who are concerned about the relationship between humans and nature are welcome to apply before the deadline on June 6th, 2018.


About The Festival

Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival, dating back to 2006, was Taiwan's first large-scale natural art event held in a conservation park. The park is located in Guandu wetland, a place with unique estuary culture and diverse ecosystem. The festival takes place annually and invites artists all over the world to create site-specific outdoor installations by using natural materials. The purpose of this event is not only about art and aesthetics but also about delivering messages caring for the environment. Public participation also plays a part in this event. Through communication and cooperation with local communities and volunteers, artists are able to learn from local wisdom and try to blend in the local culture in their works.

With the experience in the past ten years, this art event has come to a new stage by resetting its title into “Guandu International Nature Art Festival “since 2016.  The triangle composed of river culture, wetland conservation, and environmental art is still the solid foundation of the curatorial concepts. Guandu International Nature Art Festival is expected to serve as a catalyst to deepen the public’s awareness of our environment, as well as care for local cultures. It is hoped that every single participant of this festival will take the initiative to connect with their surroundings, to get inspired by nature, and to make an effort in finding a way to a sustainable future.

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Live Happily Ever After?

“We can survive our rude infancy and grow into responsible, caring adults—without losing our innocence, playfulness, or sense of wonder. But first we need to see ourselves from different angles, in many mirrors, as a very young species, both blessed and cursed by our prowess. Instead of ignoring or plundering nature, we need to refine our natural place in it.”

—Diane Ackerman, The Human Age: The World Shape by Us

Each day, we are writing our own story of life. What sort of plots do you wish to compose to reach your ideal ending? What characters do you plan to include in this bright future? However, in co-writing the epic work "The History of Nature," we human beings often fail to remember there are other inhabitants share this planet with us. It is impossible to exclude these characters from the big story. Their fates can even reverse the denouement we set.

"Habitat" is the word we use to refer the living environment of an animal, plant, or other organisms. A habitat is, in fact, the home of wildlife. Nowadays, humans keep expanding our territories to fulfill our own need, whereas other inhabitants keep losing their home. Is this win-lose situation the only scenario we can imagine? Can we assure the ending of the story if we still think the future based on our own demand?

2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival use "live happily ever after," the stock phrase used in fairy tales, to critically review the "human-center" philosophy. We aim to explore the ethics with the care of others and to ignite dialogues. In this way, it is possible to facilitate a sustainable future which all inhabitants can coexistence and mutual prosperity.



Guandu Nature Park

Located at the junction of Tamsui River and Jilong River, Guandu Nature Park is a nature park of wetland preservation with landscape consisting of an integrated wetland environment of swamp and pond. It is a great inhabitation for a rich variety of organisms, as well as an important pass-by stop for migratory birds in their annual migration route. Hence, it has been recognized by BirdLife International as an “Important Bird Area” (IBA). The park, authorized by Taipei City Government, is currently administered under the Wild Bird Society of Taipei (WBST) and devotes care to wetland and wild birds’ conservation.

We will select 4-5 artists to create his/her artwork in the Main Area of Guandu Nature Park. Main Area is the region of the Park which opens for the public with admission hours and fees. It includes the Nature Center, bird watching cabins, ponds, trails, and other educational facilities.

Other areas of the Park are preserved for birds and other wildlife which are restricted for public access. Visitors can observe these wildlife via telescope or attend the guided tour arranged by the Park in order to visit the restricted areas. In addition, the Park has designed many environmental education programs that give opportunities to people to interact with nature and acknowledge the importance of environmental preservation.


  • Sep. 10 Artists arrive in Taipei; Hotel check-in
  • Sep. 11-16 Venue tour /Welcome party/ Field study
  • Sep. 18-Oct. 10 Period of installation/ Artist talk
  • Oct. 11-12 Preparation for the opening/Video shooting/ Press conference
  • Oct. 13-14 Opening/Public events
  • Oct. 15 Artist depart
  • Dec. 31 End of the artwork exhibition

Off days (Mondays): Sep.17, Sep.24, Oct. 1, Oct. 8
Any change to the current timetable will be made in accordance with notifications from the organizer, and will be announced on the official website of Guandu Nature Park and Guandu International Nature Art Festival.


  • Artists should be interested in the relationship between nature, human, and environment and committed not to harm the environment during artwork creation.
  • Artists should have experiences in working with volunteers, local residents, or students. While working on their artworks, they should be able to spark interest of general public to participate in the process of such artistic creation.
  • For the foreign applicants, it is required to have basic English conversation skills to communicate with the staff of Guandu Nature Park and the ability to mingle with other artists, local residents, and students.
  • Artists as a group is eligible to apply. However, the organizer will offer only one funding (see below) for the group. Artists should agree to share all the funding & support without dispute.


  • Artist’s fee NTD$ 80,000. According to the income tax rule in Taiwan, the organizer will deduct tax from the payment based on the applicable rate (e.g. 20% for non-resident) stipulated in the law.  Therefore the actual amount the artists receive will be less than NTD$ 80,000. The organizer will pay this fee by New Taiwan Dollars in cash.
  • A round-trip airfare (economy class). From artist’s residency country to Taiwan. The reimbursement does not include the costs associated with passport & visa expenses. Artist will have to book the ticket and pay the fee in advance by him/herself. The organizer will pay the reimbursement by New Taiwan Dollars in cash after artist’s arrival in Taiwan. We will support multi-destination flight only for work purpose. Artists need to provide official documents (an invitation letter, poster etc.) as proof.
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off service will be provided. However, artists who plan to have personal trips in Taiwan after the residency will have to take care of the transportation to the airport oneself.
  • Accommodation. From September 10, 2018 (check-in) to October 15, 2018 (check-out). Each artist will receive accommodation in a single room with individual bathroom. For anyone accompany the artist, an additional bed and meal will be charged by the hotel accordingly.
  • Materials support. The organizer will assist to collect on-site natural materials (e.g. reed, wood, stone, bamboo, leaf etc.) or recycled objects. The organizer has a shared budget for all artists for purchasing materials like hemp ropes, eco-paints, bamboo etc. Artists who need to purchase materials must consult with the curator first.
  • Meals. Buffet breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch will be provided by Guandu Nature Park every working day. Dinners are not included. The average cost for a meal in Taiwan is between NTD$ 80- 300.
  • Local transport. Artist can use the public transport system such as the metro, bus, or public bike to shuttle between the hotel and the Park and travel around Taipei. The organizer will provide an EasyCard with pre-stored value to the participant.

How To Apply

  • E-mail the following files to:
  • Personal CV. Include your background and experience, awards, and past exhibitions. Be sure to include your full name, current mailing address, phone number, and nationality.
  • Your motivations. Explain why you want to apply for our event and the specific environment issues that you care about. (max. 1 page)
  • An artwork proposal. Include a brief description and a simple sketch. Artists can refine or modify their proposal to fit the space after the field study and site observation.
  • A portfolio of your previous artworks. Please introduce 6 of your previous related works with details of title, date of completion, the material used, and venue where they were exhibited.
  • We will only accept doc. or pdf. files for document and jpg. or jpeg. files for images. The size of each images file should be between 500KB to 1MB.

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Use only environmental friendly materials.
  • Use local materials first.
  • Stability and secureness: Safety is our first priority. The artwork should be made to last at least 3 months or more. It should also be designed to weather gracefully over time and reveal the different stages as it decays. For safety concerns, the Park retains the authority to dispose or dismantle the artwork.
  • Community involvement: Artists will work with volunteers and local residents to create their artworks. Public participation is one of the key elements of this event.
  • Artist should prepare a public presentation to share their experience and previous artworks during the residency.
  • Artists should design a public interactivity (workshop, performance, or any type of activity) to be implemented during the opening weekend.


  • Email
  • Phone +886-2-28587417 ext. 230 (Ms. Yi-Fen JAN)