Posted on 31 Jul 2019

2019 Artists Selection Result Announced 藝術家徵選結果公告

Here are our artists for 2019 Guandu Interntional Nature Art Festival,

Guandu Nature Park is pleased to announce the artist selection result of the 2019 Guandu International Nature Art Festival "It's About Time", the selection process was extremely competitive this year. 72 artists (or groups) have submitted their application. It was definitely a tough decision for us to narrow down to 3 artists. With Four others Artist and Art Progam we have invited, here are our artists this year:

- Tsuneo Sekiguchi (JAPAN)
- Anusorn Tunyapalit (THAILAND)
- Huang, Kuan-Ling 黃冠菱 (TAIWAN)
- Liao, Bo-Sen 廖柏森 (TAIWAN)-Invited 
- Local Investigation Art Program (Beitou Storyteller & Joan Chang)-Invited
- Local Investigation Art Program (Guan Du Junior High School & Fay and Chief )-Invited
- Local Investigation Art Program (Team of Frog Survey & TNUA Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education)-Invited

We congratulate these artists and sincere thanks to all the artists who submitted their applications.


- 関口恒男 (日本)
- Anusorn Tunyapalit (泰國)
- 黃冠菱(台灣)
- 廖柏森(台灣) - 邀請參加 
- 在地整合藝術計劃 (北投說書人 & 張瓊如) - 邀請參加
- 在地整合藝術計劃 (關渡國中 & 楊芳宜和彭宇弘)-邀請參加
- 在地整合藝術計劃 (關渡蛙蛙小組 & 北藝大藝教所) -邀請參加