Posted on 09 Jun 2021

Call for Artists 2021

Guandu Nature Park is inviting entries to 2021 Guandu International Nature Art Festival “Wetlands Orchestra”. The selected artists will create their artworks in a natural setting using only natural or eco-friendly materials during a 4-week residency in Guandu Nature Park in Taipei, Taiwan. Artists who are concerned about the relationship between humans and nature are welcome to apply before the deadline on July 24, 2021.

Due to COVID-19, eligibility requirements update.
In concern of COVID-19, to cooperate with entry Management Measures and Epidemic Prevention, we are having additional information and regulation updates on the Open Call. Eligibility requirements for the Open Call this year will only accept Local Artists (with ROC Nationality) and Foreign Artists who reside in Taiwan (with Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate).  In consideration for the health and safety, declaration of illness is required. Please complete the Health Declaration Form.


Theme: Wetlands Orchestra

Every field of nature is wonderful . ”

                                                       —    Aristotle

Guandu Nature Park is a wetland center on the alluvial plain at the junction of Tamshui River and Jilong River. The Park fulfills its multiple functions of wetland preservation, ecological conservation, bird species’ habitat protection, leisure for general public, education and research. It also plays the vital role of wetland and water environment education center in the greater Taipei area.

The fertile wetland breeds lives and safeguards many waterfowls. The theme “Wetland Orchestra” has been selected specially to represent the connection of Guandu International Nature Art Festival and multiple sections of an orchestra. Each living thing in Mother Nature has the sound and story of its own. The sound of Mother Nature is also called the sound of science. However, it is not complete silence. In the state of inner peace, you still can hear the sounds of the earth, including the wetland symphony. Soundscape is the theme of the Nature Art Festival this year. Let us co-create harmonious and beautiful land art.

In the Wetland Orchestra, you can hear the chirping of birds and bugs, experience and enjoy the graceful mind flow of artistic creation and be touched by dialoging with this land. By participating in the planning and design activities of the Art Festival, your senses of different levels will be awakened to feel and appreciate all this by yourself.

Greek Philosopher Pythagoras believed in the power of music to produce great health benefits. Aristotle also talked about the value of music therapy. On the sensation level, music through five elements corresponds to the five types of emotion: joy, worry, anger, sadness and fear. Mother nature is a never-ending and dynamic musical feast. “Wetland Orchestra” is aimed to not only stimulate auditory sensation, but also to build a friendly environment where humans and nature coexist and share prosperity in harmony. It connects the elements of music and art to deliver a healing effect to body and mind.

The Chinese character ”樂”, which means music, was originally both a pictograph and an ideograph. It later evolved into phono-sematic compounds. Its form is built on a tree at the base, reflecting the concept of rooting. “樂” also has different pronunciations expressing different levels of experiences: “Yue” for music appreciation, “Le” for fun and play, and “Yiao” for a joyful mind.

Guandu Nature Park is an ecological environment with plenty of trees and plants of different postures and morphological forms. Nourished by rainwater and sunshine, these trees and plants are growing tall and strong under meticulous care. Likewise, as the artists at Guandu International Nature Art Festival have created more artworks over the years, the Festival has been bearing more and more vigorous leaves and fruits of nature art.

Program Details: Wetlands Orchestra

The Art Festival is into its 16th year, featuring the soundscape of Guandu. Artists are invited to work on the collection of the sounds forming Guandu Plain, by adding soundscape interaction to large-scaled artworks and using sounds as an element of creation. Hence, sounds incorporated in the creation are not confined to striking or beating sounds of natural media. They can be prerecorded soundscape, music interaction or anything expressed by scanning a QR code.

Human beings have the first contact with this Planet through sounds. The crying sounds of newborn babies are the most original loveliness. This year’s Art Festival will guide visitors to discover more confluence of sounds from people and nature and more findings with rich content. The sounds can be collected from nature in the Park, the daily lives of people outside the Park or any local soundscape. Based on the experiences of being inspired and touched by the natural ecosystem, artists are invited to explore and create their artworks from all kinds of observation, tracking, research and collection of the mystique and sounds in the natural ecosystem in the Nature Park.

The soundscape collection outside the park is also quite rich. The sounds of rice paddy fields of Baxian Farm, the working tractors and machines during busy farming seasons, fishmen’s net casting and the waves at ferry piers have been shaping the local agricultural and fishing industries in Guandu. Its unique cultural soundscape can be found in evening drumming and morning bell striking in Guandu Temple, the temple block in Yunui Temple, Poe divination, people in Guandu Old Street, the ringing of school bell in Taipei National University of the Arts, the hawkers and vendors in the market, and elders chatting under the trees.

The sounds of Guandu are from nature and local culture. It is hoped that the theme of the Art Festival will raise the public’s awareness about the everlasting and ubiquitous existence of soundscape in nature and our lives. Soundscape is part of our history and exists in people’s memories. With the sensation of the amplitudes generated by sounds, people living in the present are offered a chance to look into the past. Through soundscape, we observe the changes and evolution of the environment and the city, and feel the interweaving of nature and humanity.

There is no limitation on the form of artwork. It can be contemporary art, visual art, installation art, and sound art, using natural materials as priority media. The principle is to create the artworks in an environmentally friendly fashion to convey the value of habitat creation and biodiversity to raise the public’s awareness on ecological conservation.



Field Study Period

Sept. 08

Venue tour

Sept. 09

Field study

Sept. 10

Art Proposal Discussion

Oct.  11

Artists Hotel check-in

Residence Period

Oct. 12- Nov. 06

Period of installation

Nov. 07

Opening Art Festival

Nov. 08

Artists depart

Exhibition Period

Nov. 07, 2021

-Jan. 09, 2022

End of the artwork exhibition

  • Off days (Mondays): Oct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov.01
  • Any change to the current timetable will be made in accordance with notifications from the organizer, and will be announced on the official website of Guandu Nature Park and Guandu International Nature Art Festival.


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