Posted on 14 Aug 2021

2021 Artists Selection Result Announced 藝術家徵選結果公告

❚❚ 藝術家徵選結果公告 ❚❚

- 白濟豪、李紀辰、江元宏 (臺灣)
- 蔡慧盈(臺灣)
- Ivan Alberto Flores Moran (墨西哥)、李樹明 (臺灣)
- 陳有德 (臺灣)-邀請參加
- 社團法人臺灣多寶格藝術發展協會 (臺灣)-邀請參加



❚❚ Artists Selection Result Announced ❚❚
Guandu Nature Park is pleased to announce the artist selection result of the 2021 Guandu International Nature Art Festival "Wetlands Orchestra" We are appreciating for artist’s enthusiasm for application during this period of COVID-19 prevention. The selection process was extremely competitive this year. It was definitely a tough decision for us to narrow down to 3 artists. With two artists we have invited, here are our artists this year:

- Chi Hao Bai, Chichen Lee, Yuanzi (Taiwan)
- Hui-Ying Tsai (Taiwan)
- Ivan Alberto Flores Moran (Mexico), Lee Shuming (Taiwan)
- Chen Yu Te (Taiwan)-Invited
- Taiwan Curio Art Association for Youth Adults with Autism and Learning Disabilities (Taiwan)-Invited

*** All artists had done the Health Declaration Form, and had been confirm all resident in Taiwan.
We congratulate these artists and sincere thanks to all the artists who submitted their applications.