Posted on 09 Jul 2024

2024 Artists Selection Result Announced 藝術家徵選結果公告

❚❚ 藝術家徵選結果公告 ❚❚


- 郭俞平(臺灣)

- Anusorn Tunyapalit(泰國)

- Fiona Paterson(法國)

- 菅野麻依子(日本)

- 曾莉珺(臺灣)-邀請參加

- 陳有德(臺灣)-邀請參加

❚❚ Artists Selection Result Announced ❚❚

Guandu Nature Park is pleased to announce the artist selection result of the 2024 Guandu International Nature Art Festival " Ecology, as a perception ". We congratulate these artists and sincere thanks to all the artists who submitted their applications. The selection process was extremely competitive. It was definitely a tough decision for us to narrow down to 4 artists.  And we are very appreciating for artist’s enthusiasm for application. With two artists we have invited, here are our artists this year:

- Kuo Yuping (Taiwan)

- Anusorn Tunyapalit (Thailand)

- Fiona Paterson (France)

- Maiko Sugano (Japan)

- Lichun-Tseng (Taiwan)-Invited

- Chen Yu Te (Taiwan)-Invited