Giacomo Zaganelli |萬物皆流轉 Pánta rêi

萬物皆流轉 Pánta rêi

Giacomo Zaganelli

義大利 Italy

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Metallic net, reeds

設置地點 Location
Shezi Daotou Park

理念 Statement
作品刻意選址在島頭公園以見證淡水與基隆兩河的相遇,並向河與潮水彼此流動所孕育的獨特生態系致敬。Giacomo透過製作一件以蘆葦為材的大型莫比烏斯帶(Möbius band)來呈現上述概念。莫比烏斯帶只有一個表面與一個邊,在三度空間中的實現是將一條帶子的兩端扭轉後相連,兩個表面被合併到一起,再也無法區分彼此,猶如眼前匯流的兩條河川。作品選用這種河邊最常見的蘆葦為主材料,強韌又有彈性,非常具有可塑性。流線的外殼將水平線摺疊成一個流體空間,用以檢視所處的環境,讓我們反思人與自然的關係,以及自然的循環。



The sculpture is intentionally placed at Daotou Park, precisely where Tamsui and Keelung River converge. It is a tribute to the rivers' tides, a monument to the encounter of the two rivers, and an homage to the act of flowing into one another and to all that this mutual exchange concerns: a very special ecosystem based on the biodiversity and on the continuous mutation. Giacomo intends to represent this premise by realizing a large Möbius band made of reeds. A Möbius band is a surface with only one side and only one boundary that exist just in the three dimensional world. It can be created by twisting a strip and connecting the opposite extremities. In this way the two band's faces are merged together, exactly as the rivers, and it becomes impossible to distinguish one from the other. The idea of using reeds is linked to the fact that reeds are one of the most representative plant that grows along the river and, at the same time, a very flexible and ductile material. A fluid shell that folding the horizons in a liquid spatiality, becomes the occasion to contemplate the surrounding space, making us reflect on the relationship between man and nature, and on the cyclicity of the nature.

Everything in the world is connected: the life of a small microorganism that lives on the river bank is connected to the tides, but at the same time the tides are connected to the magnetic attraction performed by the moon, who in turn is attracted by the earth, and so on. The sculpture, moreover, reminds the infinity symbol and the most common forms of geometry connected to the natural evolution, as the spiral, the Fibonacci series, or the fractals. It helps people to reflect on our condition on earth, on how important is our everyday behavior in order to respect and protect the environment where we live.

Everything we do comes back to us with the same energy. Life is a cycle.