Vivian Visser|散播改變的種子Disseminate the Seeds of Change

散播改變的種子Disseminate the Seeds of Change

Vivian Visser

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Branches, palm leaves, , rice paper, wire

理念 Statement

Many people have forgotten how to get along with nature and have lost the sense of curiosity about nature. If people do not establish a healthy relationship with nature, we can never change the impaired environment and will never be able to learn to re-value the world we live in. Thus, Vivian wants to highlight the process of plant reproduction in all its amazing forms and to help people to reconnect with the surrounding environment. Several samara seeds, each about a meter long, are arranged in the fence railing as if these seeds are dispersed by the wind. The seeds are made of woven wetland plants with hollow center filled by rice paper painted by the youth. All materials used are non-toxic, biodegradable material, and she only uses wire to fix in the fence railing. Vivian believes that various kinds of seeds represent the flexibility and diversity of Nature. We need to learn how to maintain flexibility and embrace positive change. “Disseminate the Seeds of Change” will represent the resiliency and diversity of nature. Nature will find its way out and we too need to find a way to share our intent with the world for positive change.