Andrej Mitevski|永恆的繁盛 Eternal Flourish

永恆的繁盛 Eternal Flourish

Andrej Mitevski

馬其頓 Macedonia

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, branches, soil, rocks, leaves, recycled metal and plastic cans, seasonal flowers

理念 Statement

Andrej wants to present an imagination for the new life and how to overcome the suffocating and contaminated environment. Such damaged environment is resulted from people’s unhealthy life style. This has polluted the Mother Nature that provides everything necessary for life. He depicts certain flowers to sprout, grow from the ground (represented by naked stones) and has not yet reached full blossom. The artist wants to convey the idea that life will find a way to continue and survive. Furthermore, he wants to awake people to stop destroying Mother Nature and remind us that we are part of the Nature as well.

藝術家 Artist