Chung Ho Cheng & Chia Ping Lu|展.望 Prospect

展.望 Prospect

Chung Ho Cheng & Chia Ping Lu

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, bamboo leaves, rope, vine, stone

理念 Statement

在基座與圓柱部分,藝術家將採用傳統竹蛇籠工法的 ( 豎籠 )方式施作。做法是用數根長竹,編成一根粗的圓柱,圓形竹柱內,則邀請參觀者協助,投入簽下姓名或願景的石塊,以增加柱子的重量與穩度,共同完成品。藉以提醒大家,自然公園與環境保護,乃是奠基在每一個人小小的付出之上 。


The shelter ,with flying bird figer ,is a symbol and a wish that Park is ready to face to another ten years .And we are trying to remind all the visitor that the existence of the Park is to provide a wing-like shelter for all the living things include hummen being in this wild urban jungle.

The pillars of the work will be constructed in our traditional bamboo gabion way .The artists will build a empty bamboo cylinder and let the visitor to filled it with stones (with their signatures,wishes .....) to make the foundation and pillar of the work stable.This also with contant that the Park and the environment protection is based and rely on each of people’s tiny offering .

Vine plants will be planted aside the pillars so that they could creep along the constrcture and become the feather of “ the wings “.And provide some shadows for those who need .