Herb Parker|關渡奇異螺旋 Guandu Spira Mirabilis

關渡奇異螺旋 Guandu Spira Mirabilis

Herb Parker

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, Straw

理念 Statement

I create architectural environments in the landscape.  This is site-specific work that serves as an ephemeral memento to the resilience of nature and an affirmation of the continuum of systems within the natural order.  The work evolved from my ruminations on the apparatus of natural systems in time.  My nature-based work speaks in a hybrid language from three distinct realms: architecture (form), sculpture (concept) and landscape (medium). The concept explores ideas of time, movement, history, culture, community, dialogue, spirituality, entropy and regeneration.  I hope to achieve a synthesis with natural forces in the service of architectonic ideals.

In Guandu, I would like to create an architectural form, constructed with natural materials and referring to a natural growth process.  I intend to build a structure based on the logarithmic spiral.  This form corresponds to the biological principle that governs the growth of many elements in nature, both plant and animal.  An A-frame architectural structure will be an enclosed spiral walkway/passage and would open into a small open-air inner courtyard.  There will be a seating element in this courtyard.  I will use material harvested from the region, lashed together to create the form with some indigenous grasses serving as thatch material for the exterior surface.  This work will be a contemplative environment, embodying a reverence for nature with references to history, culture and natural processes.