Carlotta Brunetti|雲,生命迴路 Clouds, Circuit of Life

雲,生命迴路 Clouds, Circuit of Life

Carlotta Brunetti

義大利 Italy

年份 Year

材料 Materials

理念 Statement



RAIN -- IS THE EVER POURING WATERS THAT COME FOR THIS SKY... Its beauties are revealed in the ponds and lakes of this wetlands. Water and clouds are an everlasting circuit -- the source of life.

My wish as artist has for several years been to link my outdoor works with my interior installations. Pieces have come about that reflect man as a part of nature. Humans are not directly visible in my works, but appear in relics such as trash, footprints, etc., or in cultural associations. In the countryside I create my own spaces and take up the cultural givens of the respective region.

My work outdoors or in landscapes is often felt by many people as superfluous. Art within nature seems to contradict nature itself. Nature doesn’t need us is the usual argument. What is mostly forgotten is that we ourselves are part of nature. We will always have a share in nature, also negatively. What is important is that we do not become oblivious to nature’s unspoiled state and that we thematize her destruction by man. Conceptual interventions in natural, cultural and city landscapes is one of my deepest concerns, and showing their human traces in my work another.

Material can capture one’s innermost thoughts. I put my eyes in my finger caps and start working.