Susanne Ruoff|不明飛行物 Unidentified Flying Objects

不明飛行物 Unidentified Flying Objects

Susanne Ruoff

德國 Germany

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Reed, Rice Straw, Green Leafs, Brown Leafs, Thin Brances, Bamboo, Wine etc...

理念 Statement

A large number of UFOs is floating through the high space of the Guandu Nature Centre Entrance Hall. They seem to have come from outside. They are unknow objects, but they are wearing familiar surfaces. They have a strange artificial shape, but at the same time they are made from the material of the sourrounding park.

What are they doing here? Is nature coming into this building to visit? Are the UFOs ready to take over? Or are  they here to remind us that nature is something that should be taken care of?
By combinig an image of the science fiction world with something very pure and natural, the work  UFOs is playing with these questions.

The UFOs are large discs, that are hanging from the ceiling. They have the shape of lenses. All have different sizes and hang in different angles on long strings from up above.
They have a simple light wooden structure, fortified with strong wire and covered with a fine wire-net (chicken wire). The wire net is densly covered with some material that has been found in the park. This could be reed, rice straw, green leafs, brown leafs, grass, wine, thin branches, bamboo etc...Each of the discs is wearing one of these materials. Thus a wide variety of natural colors and structures and smells is present inside the building.

The actual number and sizes of the UFOs will depend on the available space for the installation  in the entrance hall, and will only be decided after having seen the place in real.