Tobel|觀點 Point of View

觀點 Point of View


德國 Germany

年份 Year

材料 Materials

理念 Statement



Driftwood, comes from anywhere - everywhere.

Wood without been cut by man, uprooted by the power of nature and send on a journey without aim. Some of the trunks washed up at the cost of Taiwan.

TOBEL will take the biggest and oldest once for his land art project in Guandu Nature Park . They will be carved in smooth organic forms, resemble natural benches, chairs, sofas or tables. The arising shaving will be used and integrated, too.

TOBEL will arrange and concentrate the trunks in a group. The trunks will create a circle, established and reinforced by shaving.
The installation will be weatherproof and long-lasting landmark in the park. The driftwood with the carvings will invites to sit down, take a rest, feel the powerful nature and when we get open hearted we will hear their story, see the beautiful nature. Feel the connection between us and the universe.

TOBEL creates a powerful place were culture meets nature. Culture lived in a careful and ecological way, using wood given by nature not cut down for this reason. Respect using every part of the wood, even the shaving.

Only if we can see totality a circle will be closed. Different aspects, big or small, loud or silence, beautiful or ugly makes our world worth living.
It is time to come together and listen.