Cornelia Konrads|芳草柱 Herbal Pillars

芳草柱 Herbal Pillars

Cornelia Konrads

德國 Germany

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Recycled steel grate, bamboo, twine, paint

理念 Statement

One element of the scenery doesn’t behave like it should - refusing to fit into the expected order.  It appears just “by the way” from the corner of the eye.  One is not sure if it has been there forever; if it may disappear or change in the next moment.  It irritates, causing a little rupture in the net of cognition.  This moment of irritation is important for my work.  It bears a certain chance: to arrive here and now in a world where strange things including the viewer are having a transient and unique meeting.  All my works appear like film stills, that point backwards and forward both temporally and spatially.  The installations are created in a close relation with their sites, corresponding to history, topography and vegetation.  I often also integrate an element of architecture, as a synonym of the physical presence of human life.