Kuang-Hua Huang|築.棲 Construct Dwell

築.棲 Construct Dwell

Kuang-Hua Huang

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, leaves, rope and string, glue, rattan work

理念 Statement

The meaning of the character "zhu" in Chinese is “the way,” or the ultimate way that people should behave.  People seek a space for living and for protection.  A tree house or nest is a kind of shape of this type of space.  Architecture creates the relationship between people and space.  It aims to give the spectator a real physical sense of his/her body in a space and to further evoke a "space" memory by breaking down the routine thinking of the spectator, or even semi-coercing him/her to question and rethink the pertinent issues of space, body, memory, and nature.  Using natural materials I create an "imitating-nature" space, like a tree house or nest, People will experience this work in different ways because they are at different levels.  Also, people’s perception will be changed to some extent by their field of vision and the use of all of their sense organs.  This space will give them a new kind of experience.