Pablo Fuentes|飛羽城市 The City of the Birds

飛羽城市 The City of the Birds

Pablo Sebastián Fuentes Osorio

智利 Chile

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Living bamboo and bamboo poles

理念 Statement

It is possible for me to find the meaning of a creative work when I realize that " I almost don’t have to do anything," and that my contribution has been just a little, so humbly.  I can create a relationship between the sculpture and nature; it appears when I feel with my hands, my eyes, my ears and my mouth.  The sculpture grows like nature, because one depends absolutely on the other one.  The primitive materials, that I use, guide me to the way of natural beauty, to understand it and its perfection and complexity.  My care with the sculpture is essential in the way that I build, taking care of the natural materials.  The best sculpture is a tree growing in an open field, and the best stone carving is made by the sea when it strikes the edge.  "The city of the birds" will grow according to the laws of nature.  The intensity of the process is an excuse: for my creativity, and time will give the form.  Many things make sense when they are observed; the rest is a question of time.