Josho|駐足與觀看 Place for Being and Seeing

駐足與觀看 Place for Being and Seeing


美國 U.S.A

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, Reeds, Wire

理念 Statement

I try to create spaces where people can come into closer contact with the patterns, processes, and rhythms of nature.  In the making of these spaces, I try to suggest pathways for people to begin to work more closely and collaboratively with the natural world.  All this work is rooted in the ongoing efforts to develop an ecologically sustainable post-industrial culture.

藝術家 Artist




Josho of the USA has been an artist in residence for several environmental organizations and is currently working as artist in residence at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in California.  Josho is a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California, where he focused his studies on public and community-based art.  He has worked on many community art projects and sculpture installations with organizations in California, New Mexico and Oregon.  Josho is very interested in community art projects that involve people in working together to make sculpture installations that focus on land use and environmental issues. 

作品 Artworks