Pamela G. Ayres|草原的生命刻度 Transient Grassland Measure

草原的生命刻度 Transient Grassland Measure

Pamela G. Ayres

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Materials Used: Soil, Seed and Sewn Nylon

理念 Statement

The exploration of natural materials is affected by seasonal and regional conditions. When I am in the outdoors I gather seeds, shells, rocks, dirt, sand, snow or water. I make and arrange ball-shaped elements that naturally evolve into an altered arrangement. Often the transformed physical makeup of the installations is realized in the passage of time. In addition to the effects of weather and time on the work, there is also an effect on the viewer. The dirt balls grow grass, the sand balls blow away in the wind and dissolve in the surf, and the snow and ice balls melt into puddles. Introducing the ball objects into selected environments enables me to incorporate the rhythm and systems of nature into the works while gently conveying aspirations of some formal elements of design.
The varied societies of human beings on the earth impact the natural environment continuously. The installations I create impact a place much in the same way that someone plants a garden to enhance a neighborhood, backyard or town green. Because of the scale and accessibility of the works, all of these elements seem uncomplicated and lend an invitation to everyone to approach. I observe that people relate to the scale of the balls readily and are willing to be in the locality of the site and participate in the role of witness throughout the life of the work.

藝術家 Artist


美國藝術家Pamela G. Ayres是伊利諾州碧城布萊德大學的美術館總監及教授。Pamela擁有紐約長島大學雕刻及裝置藝術碩士學位,曾擔任美國許多大學及學院的藝術教授,包括紐約長島拿梭社區大學、康乃迪克州橋港大學等。Pamela曾經從事學校及社區藝術計畫的工作,並曾於美國及愛爾蘭的大學美術館、博物館及藝術中心舉辦個展。這是她首次拜訪亞洲,帶來了曾經展示於印第安那、伊利諾等州的戶外裝置藝術作品─草球裝置藝術。

Pamela G. Ayres

American artist Pamela G. Ayres is currently the gallery director and professor of art at Bradley Universit in Peoria, Illinois.  Pam holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and installation art from Long Island University/ C. W. Post Campus, New York.  She has been an art professor at several universities and colleges in the United States, among them Nassau Community College on Long Island, New York and the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut.  She also has experience as an artist working in the schools and doing community art projects.  She has exhibited her artwork at many university galleries, museums and art centers in the United States and also in Ireland.  Pam has done similar outdoor installations using her “grass balls” at art museums and public spaces in Indiana, Illinois and other states.  

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