Yumiko Yamazaki|水上植物之家 Plants Project on the Water

水上植物之家 Plants Project on the Water

Yumiko Yamazaki

日本 Japan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Soil, bamboo, hemp rope

理念 Statement

The passage of time and the power of nature over this particular place at Guandu Nature Park make the most important elements of this work. I will install 4 boxes with soil in them on the water of the pond. For the period of this exhibition, wind, birds and natural happenings will bring seeds of plants to this soil. And, I will wait for a plant to sprout there. At the end of the exhibition, I will collect those plants in the boxes, and I will put those plants in the handmade paper I make to preserve the memory of this moment of time in this special place.  Probably, birds will come to the rafts and have a rest because being on the water is a safe place for birds; maybe they will make hideouts there. I suppose that birds will have various influences on this project. The environment and nature enter my work, and it is changed and completed by nature.

藝術家 Artist



Yumiko Yamazaki

Yumiko Yamazaki of Osaka, Japan, has created her installation art projects in Japan, the United States and Europe. Yumiko has just returned from being an artist in residence in Denmark to make an exhibition and teach a workshop on her techniques of installation art.  Yumiko also teaches art classes at a vocational school in Osaka and has been an artist in residence at the Mino Paper Art Village Project, Mino City, Japan in 1999. Yumiko is currently doing “Plants Project in the Air” at an urban space in Osaka.  She installed boxes with soil on the roof top of some large office buildings in Osaka, and is waiting for seeds in the air of the urban space to come and sprout there.  This project is continued until 2006 and install on the water in Guandu.  This ise Yumiko’s first installation in Taiwan and also the first project she has done on the water.

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