UUendy Lau | 集體場景 Collective Scenes

集體場景 Collective Scenes

劉景雯 UUendy Lau

香港 Hong Kong

年份 | Year

地點 | Location
裝置:二號賞鳥小屋與周遭樹林 Installation: Bird-watching Cabins 2 and the trees nearby
工作坊:月池教室、自然中心 Workshops: Pond Classroom & Visitor Centre

材料 | Materials
Branches, Leaves, Flowers, Hemp Rope, Grass, Waste Paper, Eco-friendly paint

理念 | Statement

走進關渡的大街小巷,我對窗戶上的圖案特別感到興趣。窗戶把我們看到的風景設定了一個框架,同時展開了現實與個人觀點之間的對話,讓我們從另一個角度去詮釋這個城市。我把看到的窗戶以抽象的美學翻譯成不同的線條和形狀,視覺上它們或許看似關渡最後的一片稻田;從理念層面來看,它們代表著不同聲音和觀點的交纏。每當他們相遇並開始互動時,他們同時為這個地方創造不同的可能性和未來景象,並慢慢延伸至整個城市和人性的領域。我的藝術裝置希望提供另一個手法去激發更多聲音,接納觀點上的差異,並重新考探我們對自然和文化的責任。作品會擺放於 不同位置和高度,以此強調不同(或隱藏)在公園裡的各式情景,藉由藝術引導參觀者探討自然,傳統和城市現代化之間的關係和磨合。


Guandu is a hybrid environment documenting the changes of the nature and evolution of culture and urban development. After learning the transformation of the area and meeting with the local people, I value Guandu as a precious and unique platform for us to critically reflect our attitude towards the balance of protecting the nature, preserving the traditional culture and flourishing the city.

Walking through the Guandu neighbourhood, I was attracted by the pattern on the windows. They set a frame for the scene that we perceive and, at the same time, redirect how we interpret the city with nature by initiating dialogues between the reality and our individual perspective. These windows were translated into an abstract language which is formed by lines and shapes. It may resemble the last rice paddies left in Guandu visually but, speculatively, it also represents diverse voices and viewpoints crisscrossing each other. When they encounter and start a conversation, they are creating different possibilities and future scenarios for this place, and thus the city and our humanity. My installation aims to offer an alternative approach to unveil the dissimilarity, to welcome such distinction as well as to rethink our responsibility for nature and culture. It is a collection of windows placed in various positions in the park highlighting different (hidden) sceneries which serve as a stimulus for the audience to reconsider the relationship among the nature, the tradition, and the city modernisation through art.

The artwork is associated with a series of workshops involving public engagement and discussion from visitors, artists and the local people. Participants are encouraged to re-examine and explore the environment and its current status with curiosity, appreciation as well as respect.

藝術家 Artist


劉景雯是一名跨媒體設計師與藝術家,喜歡實驗藝術與批判性設計。作品涵蓋多元的設計領域,包括時尚、插畫、裝置、現場表演與工作坊。2011年她成立UUENDY LAU,以設計實驗室的概念參與多個設計項目。Double U不僅代表雙倍快樂,也象徵人與人之間的聯繫。她希望以設計引發不同層面的討論,透過藝術、生活及大自然的對話促進更多互動。 

UUendy Lau

Wendy is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong passion for experimental art and critical designs. Her works cover various disciplines of design including fashion, illustration, installation, live-performance and workshops. In 2011, she started UUENDY LAU, a novel and original design laboratory.  "Double U" is a unique recognition of her emphasising not only Double Happiness 'üü', but also a language strengthening the connections among individuals 'ü-ü' . Her design intention aims to provoke discourses and enhance physical interaction through a conversation with art, lifestyle and the nature.




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