Yannick Dauby | 一些關於聽不見的蝙蝠獵食聲與水生生物聲音與呼吸的故事 Something about the inaudible hunting calls of the bats and the voices and breathes of aquatic organisms

Something about the inaudible hunting calls of the bats and the voices and breathes of aquatic organisms

澎葉生 Yannick Dauby

法國 France

年份 | Year

地點 | Location
Interpretive Station, Platform near the Freshwater Pond

材料 | Materials
Sound Installation, Recycled Wood

理念 | Statement

1. 翼手目 Chiroptera (((^..^)))

蝙蝠在獵食過程會發出人類聽不到的高頻聲音,本組聲音裝置是以在關渡自然公園現地採集之東亞家蝠(Pipistrellus abramus,又叫做日本伏翼)所發出的超音波錄音為基礎所建構的。這種在關渡自然公園出現的蝙蝠,也是台灣最常見的種類之一。

The bats who are hunting their flying preys are making inaudible sounds: their voices are very high-­‐pitched, the frequency being way above what human ear can perceive. This sound installation is based on on-site ultrasonic recordings of the Japanese House Bat, Pipistrellus abramus, one of the most common bat in Taiwan and present in Guandu Nature Park.

2. 水生生物 Aquatic Organisms  ◦o0° o0⦾° o0⨀° o0o°




freshwater from lakes, bogs, ponds, rivers, and stream
all contain lifeforms

a pond is
a small body of still water formed naturally or by artificial means
certainly easier to access than the deep ocean
usually very shallow

our human body isn't able to swim there, we couldn't even put fully our head under the surface.
but would you try?
hold your breath and listen to the sounds in the water nearby?

藝術家 Artist



Yannick Dauby

Background in musique concrete and improvisation, using found objects, electroacoustic devices and phonographies. As a field recordist, he as particular interest for animals or nature sounds as well as urban situations and unusual acoustic phenomenas. Excursions are pretext to a sonic gathering, and often leads to the realisation of phonographic collages. He often collaborates with other musicians, visual artists and dancers, producing audio-visual performances or installations, and makes sound design for films. His work has been presented by various international festivals, record labels and biennale exhibitions. He is based in Taiwan since 2007, interested into the field of anthropology and ecology, exploring the island's soundscape through artistic research, developing art projects in local communities and documenting the fauna and its environment, creating art & science projects in collaborations with biologists.

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