Kaling Diway | 棲所 Habitat

棲所 Habitat

陳勇昌 Kaling Diway

臺灣 Taiwan

地點 | Location
Grassland across the Moon Pond platform

材料 | Materials
竹子 Bamboo




When I first visited the Guandu Wharf, I was attracted by the numerous burrows on the intertidal mudflat. They were home to mudskippers, a safe shelter with constant ebb and flow.

This reminded me of how Guandu Nature Park acts as a buffer between urban development and nature reserves, to preserve a home for birds, fiddler crabs, and mudskippers, as well as a sanctuary for agitated minds of human beings.

Inspired by the mudskippers' holes, this work is metaphor of the role of Guandu Nature Park as a guardian of wetlands, a unique habitat for wildlife and humans. The site where the work is now located was the land cultivated by our ancestors. This work is thus a memento of the crisscrossed farmlands passed on. And also, an imprint of our own history.

藝術家 Artist



Kaling Diway

Kaling Diway is an artist from Hualien’s Fengbin Township, which is home to the Makotaay community of Pangcah (Amis) Aborigines. He is active in the art community in East Taiwan and has participated in the North Coast Art Field, Original Living Art Festival, East Coast Land Art Festival, Hweilan International Artists Workshop etc. He is expert in reconstructing, deconstructing, recomposing and sculpting of the natural materials. He also has a wide array of skills in stage props design and production, public art space design etc. His works manifest a great affection for his community and a sense of mission to aboriginal cultural inheritance.

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