Kuei-Chih Lee|潮語 Tide Whisper

潮語 Tide Whisper

Kuei-Chih Lee

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Branches, natural paint, recycled chopsticks

理念 Statement


Tide Whisper depicts the images of mangroves (Kandelia obovata) in the wetlands and the river meandering through the city. Mangroves which act as buffers between land and water are able to protect the environment and wildlife. Therefore, they can be seen as wetland guardians. Meanwhile, the dynamics of the tidal river affect the rhythm of local water flow and the diversity of human activities.

Connecting these two elements, Tide Whisper will be an installation in motion, a kinetic artwork which will be moved by the wind and evolve through the passing of time. As the tide comes and goes, combined with the blowing of the wind, this artwork actively makes a response to our relationship with nature, as if it is telling a mysterious story.


藝術家 Artist




Kuei-Chih Lee

2003, Lee, Kuei-chih graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (Group of Mixed Media), National Taiwan University of Arts. 2009, he began to participate in international artists residency programs. He mainly engaged in creating outdoor natural installation to explore the relationship between human, nature (exist) and environment (site), then symbiosis and dialogue with the surroundings.

His works are usually composed of natural materials in the scene. He believes the real relationship is found in nature, and looking back at our land through the physical labor dialogue with the nature and being aware of the inner soul.