Fiona Paterson|潮月 Tidal Moon

潮月 Tidal Moon

Fiona Paterson 

法國 France

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, recycled colour plastic bags or clothes, twine (or rope)

理念 Statement


The design is a graphic depiction of the moon and it's affect on the tides. The 'tide' is undulating and twisting across the ground and up towards the moon bringing along with it a school of fish representing the wildlife that the tides support as a whole. The fish are attached to this 'bamboo' tide, and are also spiked into the ground inviting people to walk amongst them in this unusual and surreal environment, a reminder of our co-existence with the life of the river. The idea is to recall how the lunar forces create these tidal changes, and to highlight the rich life that the tides bring to the area.

As a reminder of the abuse that we bring to our environment, the fish would have coloured plastic bags or recycled cotton from old clothes woven into the bamboo structures, providing colours that will contrast against the natural tones of bamboo and the surrounding nature. The recycling and repurposing of these plastic bags or fabrics will not only add colour to the installation, but will also highlight the importance of recycling, a reminder that we need to help protect our environment from the pollution caused by discarded plastics that cause so much damage to the creatures in our seas, rivers, oceans and on land.