Thierry Godet|堆肥小屋 Compost' Cavern

堆肥小屋 Compost' Cavern

Thierry Godet

法國 France

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, branches, reeds, grass for the structure; green waste for the compost

理念 Statement


In my artworks, I make visible, noticeable, perceptible phenomenon which most of people commonly do not notice. For Micro View of Nature, I propose visitors to penetrate into compost: Feeling, touching, smelling… discover the action of the microorganisms. Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled by microorganisms as a fertilizer and soil amendment.

The shape of the work is dictated to the process. For the main structure, I will construct a giant basket of branches, cane or other available material from the surrounding with a smaller basket for people to enter inside. Both fences will be connected by a tunnel. The space in between will be filled with hacked branches, leaves, grass, or other green waste. There will be a tighten opening for visitors to slip in and come to a small room to rest: a mini cavern to feel the action of turning waste to humus.

藝術家 Artist


Thierry Godet