Yu Mei He|關渡之心 Guandu Heart

關渡之心 Guandu Heart

Yu Mei He

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Wetland grasses, rope

理念 Statement

Natural Art Workshop
In August and September, Guandu Nature Park has held several nature art workshops which aimed to reuse the excess growth of wetland plants such as: Beautiful Galangal, Ginger Lily, Kudzu, Hindu Lotus, Paper Mulberry etc. We gathered these plants and gave them to handmade paper art teacher He Yu-Mei. He Yu-Mei adopted ancient traditional methods to extract fibers from these plants and then guided families to experience the preparation of handmade paper together in the workshops. Screening the fiber by using a mesh involves lots of efforts and skills. If there are too many pulps, the paper will be uneven and too thick. The paper will easily break if the pulps are not enough. It takes time and effort to master the techniques. Handmade paper is a kind of nature art which ingeniously combines the use of natural resources and human skills. Handmade sheet retains the unique traces of plant fiber and exhibits the original beauty of nature. Each creation has a different and distinctive appearance as well. The excess growth of plants in Guandu Nature Park may cause the draining of wetlands. They often need to be cleared or removed during summer. Now the residual value of excess plant can be transformed into natural art through the handmade paper making activities. It will not cause pollution or damage since all materials are taken from nature.