Donald Buglass|太陽即種子 Suns are Seeds

太陽即種子 Suns are Seeds

Donald Buglass

紐西蘭 New Zealands

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Branches, screws, wooden post and/or steel shafts, sisal

理念 Statement


From suns and planets to seeds and atoms the shape and dynamics of energy and matter repeats itself. Uniformity and continuity are the paintbrushes that spread the colours of our universe. “Suns are Seeds” symbolizes perpetual, vitality and regeneration: the seed and new growth; the continuing cycle of life.

This work increases awareness of environmental issues by engaging the viewer on an intimate level, artistically. The care and passion required to make art from raw materials without detracting from the essence of beauty and fragility that all life naturally has reflects passion we need to have for making environmentally positive changes in our actions. I will construct at least one large sphere and some smaller interlocking and/or independent spheres representing the natural physics of life at every scale. This will represent the correspondence between the universal forces that govern life at every level.