Tom McKinnon|背景裡的布基烏基 Background Boogie Woogie

背景裡的布基烏基 Background Boogie Woogie

Tom McKinnon

加拿大 Canada

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Branches, wooden post, hemp rope, natural paint

理念 Statement



I will create a frieze of visionary personifications of the primary ancestors of organism: the photosynthesizers, the decomposers, the medicinals, and the pollinators.

This frieze is meant in the manner of monument however transient, to foreground, celebrate and acknowledge the dynamic matrix of interdependent organic being. That is, to draw attention to the co-operative nature of the web of life. These primary ancestors being the tiny yet vital basic underpinnings and source of the organic reality within which we as organisms eat, breath, sleep and return neatly to the great carbon pool of organic possibility. Yet these vital basics are under threat worldwide from human activities and carelessness such as contamination and depletion of air, soil and water, clear cutting of forests and massive die offs of key pollinators.

I would like the person engaged with the work to consider their place in the co-operative matrix, the fact that they are completely dependent on and also superfluous to the larger pulse of organic life. We absolutely need the insects, the microbes and the plants for our daily existence yet they have little need of us to thrive. Yet our root, our source, sustenance and vitality of being, the dance of our neurons derive from this deep undulating ancestry of the moment.

藝術家 Artist


 Tom McKinnon

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