Roger Tibon|提琴頭般的嫩蕨葉 Fiddleheads

提琴頭般的嫩蕨葉 Fiddleheads

Roger Tibon

菲律賓 Philippines

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, ratten strips

理念 Statement



Fiddleheads are fern sprouts. Before they become fully-grown leafy ferns, these sprouts are curled like scrolls which is a natural shape of Nature that are also found in the inner portions of shells, horns of animals, ripples, and many others. This shape is also known to be a perfect example of the Golden Ratio or Golden Proportion , the principle or formula that is being utilized in many different subjects like arts, music, architecture, furniture and many other decorative designs like violin heads and so on.

With modern times and living hastily to catch up with our daily chores, we often have no more time to look and ponder at our surroundings especially the smallest of things. We are pre-occupied with bigger concerns, and we give more priority to these rather than the smaller ones like those that are found in Nature and have no direct concern to us. Therefore, I’d like to do this installation to create awareness and guide the attention of the viewers to this often neglected wonders of Nature.

These elements of Nature, no matter how we look at it, are an important part of our lives. Size does not matter in importance. Everything is interconnected and dependent on each other. Without the elements of Nature, we will be handicapped in our existence. Ferns, for one, are an integral part of the ecosystem. Some fern species are not only a source of food for humans but also food and shelter for other animals. It is also a source of inspiration and delights for those whose eyes and minds are attuned to these small beauties of Nature.