Ya Chu Kang|搖籃臍 Cradle Umbilical

搖籃臍 Cradle Umbilical

Ya Chu Kang

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Branches, barks, reeds, vines, grass

理念 Statement

Ya-Chu Kang’s artwork is inspired by the location of Guandu, where the Tamshui River and Keelung River converge and nurture human culture and natural environment. She chooses “cradle” and “umbilical cord” as her subjects and adopts the idea of “Cradle to Cradle” to accomplish her work, namely collecting materials from nature and then return to earth. The essence of sustainability is what human beings have to learn from nature. “Cradle Umbilical” uses natural materials including branches, barks, reeds, grass, and vines to weave a giant cradle connecting with a “weaving heart” which symbolizes the core of life. The public can lay into the cradle, recall the feeling in childhood and embrace our Mother Nature.