Bonggi Park|呼吸 Breath

呼吸 Breath

Bonggi Park

南韓 South Korea

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, Rice straw, Reed, Rope

理念 Statement



Some kinds of birds fly through the sky during a week crossing the ocean, restless without eating. Finally they arrive at their destinations. The flights of migratory birds are for survival of their lives, including feeding, breeding, and looking for better habitats.

The environment which the birds can not live in is also a threat to human survival soon. “Breathing of birds is our breathing.”Through the journey of migratory birds, we should think about the natural environment and human co-existence of organic, sustainable living environment.

The installation which I would like to do is a practical shelter for birds taking a rest and playing with each other. The motif of the project is based on the nest of reeds. The main body of work represents the shape of flying bird.