Yi Chun Lo|風之翼 The Wings of the Wind

風之翼 The Wings of the Wind

Yi Chun Lo

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, Handmade paper pulp, Tung oil, Rope

理念 Statement


I plan to hold a natural party for the people, migratory birds and Guandu community with plants collected from Guandu Nature Park. I will gather images of feathers and make pieces of huge wings that will be installed in the local community. The wings are made of segmented bamboo that will be connected to the main bamboo axis and spins with natural power. They will be fixed in front of the old house. When the wind blows, each connected bamboo sticks will spin in order. You will see the wings flying like dancing on the rooftop from far away. In a certain angle of the sunshine, these feathers cast a shadow on the ground that links up like a pair of wings and spin gracefully with the blowing wind.

“The Wings of the Wind” uses feathers to symbolize that migratory birds fly to the Guandu community. The wings will spin slowly when the wind blows. The viewers can find vitality in the community seeing the process of the spinning wings. The installation will not harm the original structure of the house. Besides, this work that uses this season’s natural power will highlight the linkage between the environment, migratory birds and human beings. As time flies by, the bamboo and other materials will slowly go back to nature.