Roger Tibon|培植回憶 Memory

培植回憶 Memory

Roger Tibon

菲律賓 Philippines

年份 Year

材料 Mater
Bamboo, abaca rope, coconut rope, sun hemp, rattan strip, vine

理念 Statement
我的作品名為 “培植回憶”。我曾受關渡自然公園之邀創作有關地球暖化議題的裝置藝術作品,當時我製作了一個圓頂形狀的建築物體,命名為 “防護罩”。這次我的徵選創作也是一個圓頂形狀的作品,藉此來表達對之前作品的懷舊回憶,唯一的不同的是在於作品的外觀。此次藝術作品有十個支柱,象徵著關渡自公園十年的存在與其過去十年的珍貴回憶。我將會於每根支柱的底部種植多種爬藤與開花類植物,伴隨時間的延續讓藤蔓攀緣而上且覆蓋於其,象徵關渡自公園的持續成長,以及開啟另一個精采的十年與未珍貴的回憶。

My artwork is entitled Nurturing Memories. I was once invited in Guandu Nature Park to make an installation about the global warming issue and I did a dome structure that I called “The Shield”.  The artwork that I want to do this time is also a dome which is reminiscent of my previous work, only different in appearance. It has ten pillars which symbolizes ten years of Guandu’s existence and ten years of precious memories.  I will be planting several climbing and flowering vines at the foot of each pillar that will climb and cover it after some time. This symbolizes Guandu’s continual growth and the start of another decade of inspiration and treasured memories.