Arvydas Alisanka|聖堂 Temple

聖堂 Temple

Arvydas Alisanka

立陶宛 Lithuania

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Drift-woods, Branche

理念 Statement

Bronze, wood, stone, straw, ice are different dialects of a sculptural language that help me in taking hold of the diversity of life and myself, discover new meanings of things and change the very material character. At present, I am interested in the interrelation of two forms of matter-material and a human being. A body penetrates material, a body finds reflection in material.
Most frequently that is my own body. Paradoxes of a sculptural vision lie in the possibility to embrace stone and leave your imprint in it, cover stone by a wooden blanket, protect one‘s body in a wooden cave and at the same time to imprison it.

Freedom of imagination and compulsion of matter.  And maybe compulsion of imagination and freedom of matter?
My time now is the time of search and discovery-of material qualities, of essential.  I want to preserve the naturalness, the power.
The theme of protection of body related to the project “Temple“ for the Guandu National Park.
During the exhibition, visitor would occasionally enter it and stay inside, becoming part of the sculpture-temple.

The sculptural container of drift-woods and rise straw speak of survival -way to preserve the body and also thoughts and identity. The axis of "Temple" is formed by sculpture similar to building- it can viewed from outside as object as well as from inside offering a strange experience of physical, bodily sense and of mental awareness being safe in a close space. I am interested in the idea of the scale of the body.  Body is like information, mediator, while sculpture - place for the body, place for "survival".
Sculpture becomes means of communication involving the beholder as part of it.

Such a desire to communicate and interact with both, surrounding space and the audience will shape the future direction of my art.