Chun Sun Yang|鳳來儀 Phoenix

鳳來儀 Phoenix

Chun Sun Yang

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
earth, branch, carbonized driftwood

理念 Statement


On the river bed a giant black fossil was washed up. It appears as if a bird of the Jurassic period still lived in the modern times, but it does not. It is a legendary bird, the Phoenix, that lived in the ancient East. The oriental culture sees it as a bird of luck. It is said that they are totally extinct or never existed; maybe it is not true. My artwork called “The Phoenix” is inspired by prehistoric bird fossils discovered in Guandu Nature Park and tries to turn the legend into reality.

The work makes a good use of dead trees in the park and driftwood. The wood is dealt with in a process of carbonization, and then installed on the site. Although the level of carbon in the air has caused global warming, the charcoal made from burning wood is the most ancient means of carbonization as well as being an environmental friendly way of purifying water. The work borrows the means to purify water in the park and the image of a lucky bird to protect the park. It also raises the awareness of spectacular oriental art and beautiful forms.