Karen McCoy|冥想的極限空間:臺灣迷津 Space for Contemplating Carrying Capicity: The Taiwan Tangle

冥想的極限空間:臺灣迷津 Space for Contemplating Carrying Capicity: The Taiwan Tangle

Karen McCoy

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, rope, vine or willow

理念 Statement


在我們與地球的相互關係之中,目前並沒有一個很好的平衡。台灣曾快速的經歷了從農業化邁入工業化的轉型,面對新舊之間的迷失,也存在了尊敬大地與濫用資源的矛盾。最缺乏的是對於我們處在這樣的危機當中的認知,更遑論積極的承擔應有的責任。 我們可以努力的打造出對地球傷害降到最低的生活方式,或者我們也可以選擇去忽略他。這一個裝置藝術想要喚起大家對於空氣、大地、和水的重視,以及我們與這三者之間的關聯,提供一個空間,讓大家好好的來思考這些事情。

Space for Contemplating Carrying Capacity: The Taiwan Tangle will be located on land and in water. The roof will be supported by bamboo posts and constructed of tangled vegetation in the shape and proportions of the island of Taiwan. The sculpture is created for meditation on the subject of carrying capacity, a term environmentalists describe as “the number of individuals who can be supported in a given area within natural resource limits, and without degrading the natural, social, cultural and economic environment for present and future generations”.   Carrying capacity refers to a worldwide dilemma that is intensified on a small island like Taiwan. Walking meditation will take place on a pathway within the structure. Each individual will stop at the water’s edge, reverse their course and continue this back and forth until they have finished with the meditation.

The subtitle, Taiwan Tangle, refers to the tangle of the shade roof over our heads. The tangle is like a “dark cloud” hanging over all of us, but through it we can see glimpses of blue sky. The structure itself is a metaphor for home, a place that may provide us with respite and protection, but only so long as we take care of it. Our home, the earth, is threatened. The tangle is a physical representation of the complexity of the problems that face us as we push the limits of carrying capacity. It is a physical representation of chaos, a physical manifestation of our mental state. Our minds are not clear on how to respond to the conditions we have caused for our air, water and soil. Mindfulness, as in meditation, of the tangle provides for the possibility of change. In our reciprocal relationship with the earth, there is presently an imbalance. Taiwan itself has undergone a rapid transition from being an agrarian place to being an industrial place. There is confusion between old and new, between honoring the earth and abusing it, and a lack of understanding and active recognition about the part each of us plays in this current crisis. We can attempt to live in such a way as to reduce our harmful effect on the earth, or we may choose to ignore it. This work intends to focus attention on air, land, water and our own relationship to them. The sculpture provides a space for individuals to contemplate these issues.