Chao Chang Lee|鳥.居 Flavor of the Wetlands

鳥.居 Flavor of the Wetlands

Chao Chang Lee

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Braches, soil of wetland, hemp rope

理念 Statement



Coming to Guandu Nature Park, I feel so excited and curious about the smells, the colors and the secret hidden in the wetlands to attract birds. So this is mainly the topic I want to convey in my work, the flavor and the secret of the wetlands.

People like to keep a secret inside a house, so the wet soil will be combined with the natural material to build a sort of house with the adobe technique. The vast wetlands are full of birds and related to the ecological wonderland of life; all their secrets are open to us, but human beings cannot see. Although the work is called "The Liau-gi” (a place where birds live), it is actually a "Human Habitat." When we go into the structure with eyes closed we can imagine ourselves as birds.  In fact, this is what I would like to study seriously with this process of making my work.

To create my sculpture at Guandu Nature Park I plan to use all natural materials found at the location.  I feel it is a great thing to use local materials, and we always need to spend time in nature to feel and to learn. The whole production of my work is not complicated; first I will produce a skeleton of bamboo or branches, and then use the soil like paste to construct the shape.  Other people can easily participate in the entire process, with some assistance of course. When the typhoon comes during the display of works, it will aid in taking the soil back to the wetlands, and the skeleton that belongs to the land will continue to stand.