Merijn Vrij|遷.徙 Flock of Birds

遷.徙 Flock of Birds

Merijn Vrij

荷蘭 Netherlands

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, grass, reeds or rice straws

理念 Statement

「遷徙」的創作理念是從成群的飛鳥出發,看著他們四面八方的翱翔於田野與水面之上,宛如 一幅奇妙的美景。來來去去數不盡的飛鳥們,就如一波波的浪花般,不斷的朝著岸邊奔騰,轉眼間又一刻不停的揚長而去。就像隨風飄逸的種子,四處飄泊。候鳥的遷徙本身雖不像鳥兒的飛舞那麼亮麗,但卻是更引人暇思。一波波此起彼落的鳥兒們有的要來關渡落足,有的將啟程前往地球另一端的棲息處。成群的鳥兒們完全不受限於人類所製造的疆界。飛鳥們不像人類一樣,對這塊土地沒有牽掛,而是順其自然的隨風而去。



My installation for Guandu Nature Park is inspired by the natural phenomenon of bird migration and the flying pattern created by flocks of birds. Nature is always - together with the context of the site - the inspiration for my work. Because the Guandu Nature Park is a park where many birds live, it was clear to me that birds together with the topical materials would provide the inspiration and the shape of my sculpture.

My idea for the installation at Guandu Nature Park is inspired by the way large groups of birds fly. To me their unpredictable way of flying that can be seen above land, fields and water is a wonderful sight. A group of birds – flock of birds – comes and goes like an ocean wave, moving toward the shore and then receding, looking like an organic mass taken by the wind. A less hectic sight but even more interesting is bird migration where birds fly in (wavy) strings from or to their new spot on earth. Birds are not limited by man made borders or property lines. They show no cultural binding with land as humans do. Birds are free to go wherever nature brings them.

The sculpture is built out of topical material: waving horizontal strings of reed, grass and bamboo woven onto a group of vertical large poles of bamboo. Depending on the materials and the surroundings, the final shape and pattern will be modified on the site.

The installation is inspired by a flock of birds, but at the end it will be an autonomous work, free to be filled in and experienced by the beholder.