Roy Staab|能量中心 Energy Center

能量中心 Energy Center

Roy Staab

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, grasses, and renewable materials

理念 Statement
「能量中心」是地球旋轉的動力來源,就像熱空氣造成的渦流或是龍捲風引起的水柱一樣,莊嚴的象徵著宇宙的和諧。 光線在此扮演著很重要的角色,照亮了平坦又黑暗的大地。從平靜的水面上,倒影使得原來的單一個體配成雙雙對對。帶著翅膀的中心在高空中捕捉著風,如同將捉摸不定的生命,靜止於天然的青草編織而出的作品中。



“ENERGY CENTER” is a vortex of earth’s forces like a swirl of hot air or a waterspout -- the round royal symbol of universal unity. Light plays on the forms over the dark flat earth and doubles in volume with its reflection when it is above the calm water.  The feathered center reaches high to catch the sky and wind, as if subtle life is still in the natural grasses that make up the work.   

This work is made of renewable grasses and bamboo that grow nearby.  For me it is good to use this sustainable materials harvested in a controlled way, to grow again next year. These grasses are bundled into lines with a natural fiber cord to stand up to the natural forces for a while. The bundled lines that make-up the work stand on measured legs and are held in place with used chopsticks, a recycled material having a second purpose.

Light will play with the work through the day blending and contrasting it with its background; bright in the bland flat light of midday and with colored hues in early morning and late afternoon sun.