Stuart Ian Frost|水深之處 In Deep Water

水深之處 In Deep Water

Stuart Ian Frost

挪威 Norway

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, fire and water

理念 Statement



I wish to construct a meandering fence-like structure. The fence will stretch from dry land and end somewhere out in the tidal wetland area/river. The fence will be constructed in such a way that larger diameter hollow lengths of bamboo will be placed over, firmly anchored thinner poles and held at predetermined heights. These larger lengths will be able to rotate around their axis. The larger pieces of bamboo located in the tidal area will also be able to move/bob up and down in harmony with the tide water. These moveable sections of bamboo will also have designs inspired by lost cultures burnt into their surfaces.

The section of fence in the tidal area will be totally controlled by nature, echoing the movements of the water as it flows, rises and falls. It will be in constant harmony with its surroundings and not affected by human intervention. The section on dry land however will be affected by passers-by who will be encouraged to rotate any piece/section they wish. Through their actions they will either destroy the visual harmony, or try to rediscover it, by repositioning pieces/sections of the fence.  The section in between the two will be at constant battle fighting to be one thing and not the other. Left in part to fend for itself and at the same time constantly at risk of intervention, it is all dependent on accessibility.

I see my proposed work as a symbol for the way we affect/have affected/can affect the world and the way in which we put constant pressure on its depleting natural resources. The work allows us to make a choice. Either we can try to rearrange the pieces that may already be out of place into something more coherent or we may alternatively choose to do nothing, leave it and hope that it will sort itself out. 

Through this work I wish to set a focus on how we as human beings have already had a serious effect on global warming, rising sea levels, deforestation and the destruction of indigenous people’s customs and culture.