Roger Tibon|天空之盾 The Shield

天空之盾 The Shield

Roger Tibon

菲律賓 Philippines

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, rope, rattan strips, other natural materials

理念 Statement




The shield is symbolic of the ozone layer. The ozone is supposed to protect the world and us from harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive heat. But, due to our ignorance, neglect and irresponsibility, we have caused irreparable damage and holes to it. And now, we are experiencing the worldwide effect of global warming which puts us in a nightmarish brink of destruction.

Glaciers and Alps are slowly melting threatening lowlands and low lying islands into submerging underwater. Rivers, inland seas, lakes and other smaller bodies of water are drying up. More and more forest, bush and grass fires occur due to excessive heat from the sun. Heat waves are becoming more and more intensified and killing humans, plants and animals.
The shield is a grim reminder of our precarious situation. When we enter inside it to take shelter from the scorching sun, we realize that we no longer get full protection because of the big holes around its wall – which we have created, maybe, unconsciously.

My work is interactive. The people who will be visiting and entering the work are encouraged to put some weaving in the holes, symbolically trying to heal the holes of the damaged ozone. Thus this work will be changing during the entire duration of the exhibition.