Chung Ho Cheng & Chia Ping Lu|滴水不漏 Every Drop Counts

滴水不漏 Every Drop Counts

Chung Ho Cheng & Chia Ping Lu

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, vegetable fibers, tung oil, twine

理念 Statement

我們的作品是設置許多巨型葉片收集濕氣。葉片以樹皮、落葉及自然植物纖維製成,表面加以「桐油」塗佈以達到防水效果 (如台灣傳統的手工油紙傘 )。而光滑的表面有助於水滴(滑)入集水中。在關渡自然公園內設置這些「水分收集器」作品,是希望訪客能藉由看到水分被收集的不容易,進而思考水的重要性和全球性暖化的危機。 
“ 珍惜每一滴 "的意念, 是這件作品的單純原點。

Taiwan is in an area where there has always been abundant and copious rainfall.  In Taiwan’s earlier days, children who played in the countryside could conveniently pick the “ Giant elephant's ear ” leaf to obstruct the rain and run home covering their heads with this leaf when an afternoon shower came.  This kind of scene can readily be found in artist’s works or in drawings for children’s books in Taiwan.  For us this leaf is associated with sunlight and raindrops. Now global warming is causing Taiwan's rainy season to be reduced.

Perhaps one day, although we hope not, there will be no rain to block with this leaf.  Instead we will need to use the leaf to collect the moisture of the night in order to have water to survive.
For our sculpture installation we plan to make many giant leaf forms to collect moisture.  The leaves will be made with handmade paper created from vegetable fibers.  We obtain the elements from nature and hope that our work can be accepted by nature.  The natural materials become the surface of the leaf and are coated with “ tung oil ” paint to make it waterproof like the traditional oiled paper umbrellas. We will place these giant leaf creations along the paths at Guandu Nature Park to act as “ water catchers ” so that visitors can see vividly the amount of water collected and think about the importance of rainfall and the dangers of global warming.
“To treasure every drop” is the original simple idea of the work.