François Frechet|向日葵 Girasol (Sunflower)

向日葵 Girasol (Sunflower)

François Frechet

法國 France

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材料 Materials

理念 Statement



At the same time that the climate negotiations in Bali are in crisis because Japan, the USA and Canada are banding together to wreck the consensus, we have to prevent a catastrophe !!! The catastrophe of global warming is not only the increasing sea level, but also the extinction of plant species! Each time there is a change of climate, the plants move to a better place for them, but when it happens so quickly, when it’s in such a short time, they die!!!
My work wants to speak about that!

My installation takes the form of a Sunflower that represents the sun, our best ally and our worst with the hole in the ozone now present!
The Sunflower that represents all the vegetal life with its two spirals in flowers and seeds can be a symbol of the vegetal group. This special arrangement is concentrating on all the ways that each plant grows, the leaves, the branches and the flowers. Through my installation I would like to show the loss of biodiversity by using the plan of the double spiral, like a labyrinth that leads to the hole, and planted with sticks of bamboo.

Today my work turns more and more towards a defense of biodiversity. My projects, in addition to the aesthetic dimensions of "the artist," aim to inform the public (like an alarm bell, and not to sit in judgment on anyone) of the urgency to preserve and safeguard this priceless inheritance which is our biodiversity.