Firman Djamil|0燃料=0煙囪 0 Fuel=0 Chimney (Zero Chimney)

0燃料=0煙囪 0 Fuel=0 Chimney (Zero Chimney)

Firman Djamil

印尼 Indonesia

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, corn seed

理念 Statement




In Bali, Indonesia, in the month of December 2007, an international conference with the theme of Climate Change (United Nations Climate Change Conference) was held. This conference is in response to the global warming problem that resulted from the emission of greenhouse gases. But as we know, many big industrial states are not agreeing with the idea of global warming prevention efforts like the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, progressively the world is reaching the day when the reserves of fossil oil will be entirely depleted.

On another matter, there is a striving to create alternative energy sources like Ethanol. Ethanol is produced from maize/corn through an agrifuel industrialization project. But the production of Ethanol will become a big problem because if maize is cultivated to make ethanol on huge farms, there will not be enough water. To produce one gallon or 3.7 liters of ethanol requires 6.345 liters of fresh water to grow the maize/corn for fermentation.

Every gallon of ethanol yields 37.85 liters of irrigation waste. This waste processing requires big amounts of energy and a risk of environmental damage.
In responding to the above problem, an artist of course cannot directly make a change. But ideas from the artist can be an inspiration for resuscitation and reach out to all of society. Therefore, in Guandu Nature Park, I wish to build an installation made from bamboo and corn seed that is named Flue Zero = Chimney Zero.  This installation work is in the form of a chimney or smokestack, constructed from bamboo. Underneath my installation seeds of maize will be planted to encircle the chimney building.  Also the undercarriage wall of the chimney is wrapped with grass.

This work, Zero Chimney, is my wish in a hopeful moment that industrial smokestacks shall no longer yield gas emissions of discard in the form of Co2. And instead from each industrial plant there will be a yielding of fresh air for the atmosphere of earth.  And that seeds of corn can grow sufficiently to be consumed by human beings and also eaten by birds.  And that birds can fly in the sky and in each dulcet moment sing songs.